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What Essentials Should You Bring for Rv Kayaking Trips?

Embarking on an RV kayaking trip can be an exhilarating experience, offering the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or new to the sport, proper preparation is key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. From essential gear to safety precautions, here is a comprehensive guide on what essentials you should bring for RV kayaking trips.

Gear for Kayaking

When it comes to RV kayaking trips, having the right gear can make all the difference in your overall experience. Start by ensuring you have a high-quality kayak that suits your skill level and the type of water you’ll be navigating. Additionally, invest in a comfortable and adjustable paddle to help you maneuver through the water with ease.

A Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is a non-negotiable item for any kayaking trip. Not only is it a safety requirement, but it can also provide added peace of mind while out on the water. Opt for a PFD that fits snugly and is designed specifically for kayaking to ensure maximum safety.

Dry bags are another essential item to bring on your RV kayaking trip. These waterproof bags are perfect for storing your belongings and keeping them dry while you’re on the water. Consider getting different sizes to accommodate items of various shapes and sizes, such as your phone, snacks, and extra clothing.

Sun Protection

Spending long hours on the water means being exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. To protect yourself from sunburn and potential skin damage, be sure to pack adequate sun protection gear. This includes a high SPF sunscreen to apply generously before heading out and reapply as needed throughout the day.

A wide-brimmed hat and polarized sunglasses are also essential for shielding your face and eyes from the sun’s glare. Not only will these items provide added protection, but they can also enhance your overall comfort while paddling under the sun’s intense rays.

Hydration and Nutrition

Staying hydrated and well-nourished is crucial during any outdoor adventure, especially when kayaking. Be sure to pack plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Consider bringing a reusable water bottle that you can easily refill to reduce waste and ensure you have an ample water supply.

In addition to water, pack nutritious snacks to keep your energy levels up while kayaking. Trail mix, energy bars, and fresh fruits are all great options that are easy to pack and consume on the go. Planning your meals and snacks ahead of time can help you stay fueled and focused during your RV kayaking trip.

Safety Precautions

Safety should always be a top priority when embarking on any outdoor excursion, and RV kayaking trips are no exception. Before setting out, make sure to familiarize yourself with the water conditions and weather forecast for the day. Be prepared to adjust your plans accordingly to ensure your safety on the water.

It’s also important to pack a basic first aid kit with essentials such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers. Accidents can happen, so having these items on hand can help you address minor injuries or discomfort while on your RV kayaking trip.

Proper Planning and Navigation

Before hitting the water, take the time to plan your route and familiarize yourself with the area you’ll be kayaking in. Bring along a map or GPS device to help you navigate and stay on course during your journey. Familiarize yourself with any potential hazards or points of interest along the way to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.


Embarking on an RV kayaking trip can be a thrilling adventure that allows you to immerse yourself in nature and explore new waters. By packing the right essentials, including gear, sun protection, hydration and nutrition supplies, safety precautions, and navigation tools, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the water. Remember to plan ahead, stay informed, and be prepared for any challenges that may arise during your RV kayaking trip. With proper preparation and the right mindset, you’ll be ready to tackle any waters and create lasting memories along the way.

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